Gerren Liles

Gerren's Bio

Gerren is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor based in New York.

Gerren’s focus in the high intensity, quick workouts app is power conditioning. The workouts encompass total-body exercises with multi-planar movement, core strength and stability, deep range of motion, and explosiveness. Most exercises are done through interval training as a way to improve the metabolic conditioning and increase fat-burning potential.

Like all of the trainers on Hot5, Gerren brings his own philosophy, perspective and personal fitness story to the app. Fitness transformed Gerren’s own life and he’s eager to bring the desire to understand how the body works and how to improve it in a way that is unique and enjoyable.

As a former school teacher, he always understood the importance of motivation in any undertaking, being thorough in your approach, and consistency in your practice. Being someone who has also experienced health complications, he’s especially vigilant about helping others avoid the same pitfalls he did with his diet and exercise regiment. Hot5 is another avenue for him to share his love of movement, fitness, and life.


Gerren and Hot5

Gerren's focus on Hot5 is Power Conditioning. His workouts include Dynamic Power, Defined Abs & Core, Kettlebell Power, Full Force Agility, Dynamic Power, All About Planks, and more.

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