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Have you ever been intimidated by typical workout? Does the idea of something like a long run, seem, well...long? Hot5 applies the principles of high intensity circuit training to a variety of short effective workouts.

The benefit of Hot5's variety is that you can choose the sequence that best fits your needs on that particular day. Do 5 minutes at the end of a jog to work your core. Do 25 minutes of yoga flow in your hotel room. Do 50 minutes of full body workouts and feel the burn! Hot5 has combined some of the best methods and trainers to motivate you through a variety of exercises -- from beginner to expert, Yoga to HIIT, there's a workout for everyone.

With Hot5 you move better, feel better and look better -- you train like you live.


About Us

In late 2012 a small group of us got together and decided to bring the motivation, fun and intensity of workout classes and personal training sessions to a mobile app. We're passionate about fitness, staying healthy and building a world-class product to reflect those values.

We've carefully drafted a team of fitness professionals, amateur athletes, serial entrepreneurs, award winning videographers and passionate investors.


High Intensity Workout Recourses

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Established: October 2012 Launched: August 2013 Headquarters: San Francisco

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